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X-COM Mod v.1.2
Super Vegeta
Soldat mod
Language: English
Downloaded 555 times
Who played UFO: Enemy Unknown (X-COM: UFO Defense) or X-COM: Terror From The Deep, will know, what is it all about....
suve RPM repo
Super Vegeta

Language: English
Downloaded 150 times
RPM package for installing my repository. From the repo, you can download awful, Coloful, and platformer.
Sour v.1.2
Super Vegeta
Free Pascal unit
Language: English
Downloaded 129 times
Simple unit for OpenGL drawing with SDL. Contains a complete HTML documentation for an easy switch from SDL software blitting.
The Tale of Anathren
Super Vegeta
Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne campaign
Language: English
Downloaded 429 times
A project finished as quickly, as it was started. Contains one map. You take control of Anathren (four character classes available) and take after destiny.
Another Useless Zombie Game Script v.1.3.1
Super Vegeta
Soldat Dedicated Server script
Language: English
Downloaded 328 times
A simple script to use in CTF gamemode. The players must repel a zombie attack (by editing scripts constans one can change the game options). The script contains a cash for kills, equipment and item buying \ using systems.
Sarkastika - Propaganda
Music album
Language: Polish
Downloaded 485 times
A 2006 a-capella "music" album, centered on Polish politics.
X-COM Mod v.1.2 trailer
Super Vegeta
Video clip
Language: English
Downloaded 381 times
A trailer for X-COM Mod v.1.2. That version was supposed to containt heaps of new weapons etc., but it's life ended with a HDD format.