awful: About

awful is an interpreted scripting language which I created in order to kill some time and give my brain a little bit of something to grind on. Since I don't have much formal knowledge about file parsing nor compiler construction, I focused the project's development more on simplifying the internal structure of the interpreter, rather than easiyng the task for a potential programmer - hence the very adequate name of the language.

Like most of my hobby projects, awful has been written in Pascal and compiled with Free Pascal (v.2.6.2). Version 0.4.4 contains 10640 lines, which equals over 442KiB of code. That's quite a lot of mindless keytapping.

Currently I have no set goal nor set of features which I would like to necessarily implement, so although I plan to keep on developing the language, it's hard to say which direction will the project be headed. Because of this, all remarks and suggestions are appreciated - you can submit them through e-mail or GitHub (links in documentation).