awful: FAQ

> What is awful?
awful is a script language I decided to create in order to kill some time and give my brain a little bit of something to grind on.

> Some folks are strict about it - how should I write the language name?
In all lowercase and (if applicable) italics.

> How do I do XYZ in awful?
Check the documentation. If you cannot find the answer, check the documentation again. If you still can't find the answer, go ahead and e-mail me.

> Is awful object-oriented?
Currently awful is procedural and objects are not supported.

> Is awful case-sensitive?
Since I couldn't be bothered with putting case-conversion everywhere - yes.

> What file extension should I use for the scripts?
awful scripts should be saved with the .yuk file extension.

> Where can I download the newest release?
You can always download the newest release at my homepage (protip: you're browsing it right now).

> What is the release schedule?
The release schedule is: "whenever I want to". Keep in mind this is a hobby project and I may not always have the time or will to develop it.

> Where can I get the development build?
Just fetch the latest commit from GitHub. No guarantee it will compile, though.

> How was awful created?
By doing a lot of mindless keytapping (and some automatic code generation).

> What is awful written in?
Like most of my projects, awful was developed using Free Pascal.

> I can has sauce?
Sure, just go to GitHub and clone the repository.

> I've found a bug, what can I do?
You can report a bug using the issue tracker on the project's GitHub (link in documentation). Or just e-mail me using the address provided on the "contact" page.

> What can I do to help?
If you know how to code, then grab the source, write a patch and make a pull request. Other than that, you can e-mail me any suggestions or words of encouragement you may have - I really appreciate these. You may also try to promote this software and introduce it to a wider audience.

> I'd like to know more about awful!
Again, feel free to e-mail me and ask. It's not like its some big, important trade secret. I will be happy to share some knowledge and experience with you.