awful: Benchmark

Tests performed
Name Description
Fibon Calculate the 10M Fibonacci number by iterating a simple loop.
Hypot Calculate hypotenuse for each point between (-1000, -1000) and (+1000, +1000).
Prime Look for prime numbers in the 0-1M range by using the Sieve of Eratosthenes.
QSort Fill an array of 1M elements with random values in 0-69M range and quicksort it.

Test results
FPC 2.6.2 GCC 4.8.2 PHP 5.5.7 awful 0.4.0
Fibon 0.195s 0.186s 4.267s 76.842s
Hypot 0.870s 0.773s 9.629s 122.452s
Prime 0.190s 0.212s 2.556s 18.262s
QSort 0.923s 0.990s 2.370s 10.003s

As can be seen, awful is far from being the demon of speed - but even though, I'm quite satisfied with the results. Hopefully, performance will improve over time.