awful is a small scripting language I decided to create in order to give my brain a little bit of something to grind on. Since I didn't have much prior knowledge about building compilers nor interpreters, the code turned out to be a horrible mess, but I've grown to like this project so much that, despite all the tears and anger it caused, I continue to maintain and develop it.


  • Tutorial - step-by-step introduction to coding in awful
  • Manual - general information
  • Functions - list of all built-in functions
  • History - info about releases and changes done
  • Techinfo - implementation info, benchmarks, et cetera

Issue tracker

If you've found a bug, or would like to make a suggestion, you can use the project's issue tracker on GitHub.


You can download the interpreter in the site's download section.
Available platforms: Windows (x86) and Linux (x86 and ARM).



The name of the language is closely linked to its syntax. Not that I aimed at creating an esoteric language - rather, I intended on designing a syntax that is easy to parse, and not necessarily easy to read.

Dev info

Like most of my hobby projects, awful is developed using Free Pascal. As of rev.38, the code consists of 9820 lines, summing up to over 345KiB. That's quite a lot of mindless keytapping.

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