SVKrezgi: About

SVKrezgi are a simple game written in the Pascal programming language, compiled using Borland Turbo Pascal 7.0. The game is based on modules coming along with the compiler: graph (as the name suggests, graphics module) and crt (allowing advanced use of keyboard, PC speaker and time managing). The first version was created in about twenty three hours, from which maximally twelve have been spent strictly on coding. The current version contains 1491 code lines.

SVKrezgi are a hotseat game (many players using one computer) for maximally four persons. After setting game options the players start from defined points (each point being 20px away from the screen's center; the game runs in 640x480 resolution) and draw a line. A player can break his line 90 degrees left or right whenever he chooses to. The game's goal is to manipulate the track of drawn line in such way to force the other players to hit any object - be it the border of playing area, anyone's line or - if they have been enabled in the options - randomly placed on the playing area round obstacles. The game ends when a winner remains or a draw occurs (all remaining players eliminate themselves at the same time). After finished round one can either start the game again or terminate the program.

Name of SVKrezgi is a tribute to the game "Krezgi", author of which unfortunately I do not remeber; a game that I played a few times with my cousin during the happy primary school years. The game in it's idea was very similar to my remake. Few years after playing the game for the last time, browsing abandonware sites I suddenly recalled it. Not being able to find it anywhere, and having enough knowledge, in the idea of the old catchword - "If you can't buy something, make it yourself" - I decided to bring the old legend back to the land of the living. The effect? Everyone can see...