Puzelki: Changelog

= v.2.1 - 29.10.2009
Modified the in-game zoom menu to allow a wider choice of scaling factors. Done some optimizing. Fixed a bug that sometimes caused the game to exit with a Runtime Error 216 when going to the main menu from the puzzle size selection screen. Also, thanks to the Pascal Game Development community, five new translations appear.

= v.2.0 - 30.08.2009
Rewrote the program using JEDI-SDL libraries instead of the WinGraph family. Redone all program menus. The game now supports also PNG, TGA and GIF image formats. Images larger than the game window/screen resolution can now be used. Also, when solving puzzles, a simple user interface is available, along with a zoom/unzoom option. Savegames from WinGraph versions are still supported.

= v.1.2 - 20.07.2009
Changed the puzzle completion detection algorithm to a faster one. Added a wait screen during image cutting. The game now also checks whether the 3000-pieces limit has not been crossed. Also changed window size selection graphics.

= v.1.1 - 02.02.2009
Fixed a bug which caused loaded games to lack tile selection graphics. Changed savegame naming algorithm, so the month and day numbers will always be two-digits. Entering the game loading screen from the main menu now always forces to create a new savegame list. Added a wait screen during savegame loading.

= v.1.0 - 10.01.2009
Added JPG image handling and custom font handling (for language files). Wrote another detect-which-tile-has-been-clicked algorithm and changed puzzle screen drawing procedures. Selecting an image does not cause the puzzle selection screen to return to the first page.

= v.0.8 - 30.11.2008
Fixed a bug which occured while trying to save a previously loaded game, which rendered the new savegame useless. Also fixed a bug which caused the game to freeze when entering load game window if there were no saved games. Savegame button moved from F5 to F6, F5 now redraws the screen (in case a drawing bug occurs and you get a black screen) and, when in image selection/game loading screens, forces the game to create a new image/savegame list. Created the readme.

= v.0.7 - 27.11.2008
Public release.