Supa Masta Muzik Play 'er: Changelog

= v.1.2 - 20.07.2009
  1. Added a song stream freeing call before a load song call - thus, almost totally banished program's tendency to use more and more memory the longer it runs.
  2. Added the newlist command.
  3. Program name will now always stay at program's window top.
  4. Added the savelist command.
  5. From now on when using playlist, newlist and savelist commands, playlist file extension (.ptp) can be forsaken.
  6. Added a new repeating type, rev.

= v.1.1 - 24.06.2009
  1. Added module music support - MODs, ITs, XMs and SM3s have been confirmed to work fine. Other formats should be handled without a problem. Unfortunately, as of this moment, duration and position detection in module music does not work, so this kind of files will loop infinitely.
  2. Changed check-if-file-exists algorithm from a read-based to a search-based - the program should no longer shout "File not found!" for files that exist, but other programs block access to them.
  3. Typing the "rep" command without a parameter will now display the current repeating mode.
  4. Typing the "vol" command without a number will now display the current volume, instead of setting it to zero.
  5. Typing the "next" command in random mode will now switch to the next song on the playlist, instead of a random one.
  6. Typing the "prev" command in random mode will now switch to the previous song on the playlist; previously the command was ignored.
  7. Added optional paramerets for the add command.
  8. Program icon added.
  9. Added "ease" and "nextsong" commands.
  10. Volume level is now saved to smmp.ini and read on program start.
  11. Last played song is now saved to smmp.ini and is opened on program start.
  12. Slightly changed program's playlist format. The program is now able to handle M3U playlists via conversion to it's native format, PTP.
  13. Numpad Enter can now be used to confirm commands.
  14. When changing the playlist, ? and * symbols can be used in path.
  15. Hitting the up arrow will recall the last entered command without confirming it. Hitting the down arrow will clear the command line.
  16. Optimized command line drawing algorithms.
  17. playlist? will now return current playlist's filename.
  18. Fixed opening files provided via program parameters.
  19. When opening a playlist in random mode, the program will play a random song, instead on the first on the playlist.
  20. When adding the first song to an empty playlist it will be automatically loaded for playing.
  21. Fixed a few bugs occuring when running the program with an empty playlist.
  22. If a song has already been removed from the playlist, the next remove call will produce a "(song) not found in playlist!" warning instead of removing the next song.

= v.1.0 - 15.02.2009
Public release.