Alexland: Bonuses

While bringing down your enemies, some of them will from time to time drop bonuses - small items that can be picked up to help yourself survive a little bit longer. The chances of a bonus appearing increase with the amount of enemies killed, to help the player handle the increasing difficulty of the game. If you pick up a timed bonus while having the same one active - its duration will prolong; maximum lifetime of a bonus is triple the normal.
x Regeneration
Restores 1.125 life points per second.
Lasts 20 s.
x Fastrun
Increases movement speed by 50%.
Lasts 12.5 s.
x Invulnerability
Makes one totally immune to all kind of attacks.
Lasts 10 s.
x Fastshot
Increases firerate and reload speed by 50%.
Lasts 12.5 s.
x Unlimited ammo
The next few seconds you can forget what the term "clip size" actually means.
Lasts 12.5 s.
x Increased damage
Increases the power of your weapons by 50%.
Lasts 12.5 s.
x Shield
Returns youe enemies twice the damage received.
Lasts 10 s.
x Paralyse
Makes your enemies immobile and unable to attack.
Lasts 5.75 s.
x Health
Instantly recovers 15 life points.
x Nuke
A big "boom" which will leave of your enemies nothing but fried slippers.
x Flash
Fires eight powerful laser beams which devastate everything on their way.