Alexland: Weapons

As the say, a shitload of enemies will bring down even Hercules - that is, unless you possess one of the facesmashers below. 100% protection from monsters trying to get on your lawn! (Provided you don't shoot like a complete idiot.)
x Colt M1911
Even though the first models of this weapon remember the times before WW1, it is still produced. I think this is enough of a recommendation.
x Thompson
Another immortal classic. The construction hasn't changed much since WW2, following the cathword "it's-a good, no need to spoil". This weapon holds impressive power - most enemies go down after a single shot.
x Uzi
Popular among triads, mainly for its small size. After a few hours abusing it with a hammer the garage it can be forced to accept 50-round magazines, what perfectly compensates the somewhat moderate power.
x Shotgun
A modern approach to a classical weapon, this model has been created specially to satisfy the needs of Queen Elizabeth's Knights. It utilises a drum magazine, what allows for a lightning-fast reload and does not require the user to perform the pump-action.
x Dezintegrator
The product of dozens of years of nuclear physics research. The magazine of this weapon actually consists of two parts: a miniature nuclear cell and a wolfram shell. The eggheads tried to explain to us how it works, but they got lost in the spate of smart-sounding, specialized vocabulary. For us it's enough we can see the effect, which is absolutely astounding - the enemy falls apart into a cloud of free atoms, which soon are gone with the wind.
x Rocket launcher
Houses four explosive sticks and has a big arrow pointing which end to aim at the enemy. Need I say more?
x Toaster
The first model of this weapon was created,when a battle damage in the popular "microwave" used for riot control caused an unexpected raise in power. A detailed analysis of the defect allowed to create another "power" models, and soon, with the progress of miniaturization, the weapon was made small enough to be used by infantry.
x Double-barrel
Your grandpa's first love.
x Bastard
This weapon began its life as a trial to reduce a stationary cannon to a size that could be used by a single footman, with the smallest possible loss in power. Unfortunately, using a spinning mechanism proved impossible, while a triple-barrel construction caused heavy side drift - and so the weapon ended as a (loaded with two powerful drums and powered by a chain energised from a built-in cell) hybrid of a shotgun and an automatic rifle.
x Shrapnel launcher
Another product from the "oi, let's take this thing and try to make it smaller" line. This weapon chucks out powerful grenades which, on contact, fiercely spatter into dozens of small splinters damaging all enemies in the area. Thanks to utilizing a special technology, the pellets do not wander in all directions, but instead spatter in a circa 210 degrees arcus - what minimizes the risk of self-injury of the shooter.
x Fryer
Following the phrase "my gun's bigger than yours", the military ordered the eggheads to modify the Toaster in a way that would make it release, instead of a wave, a single powerful impulse of heat. This soon turned out to be impossible - after crossing a certain treshold of carried energy, the impulse always shattered into several smaller ones. The research was to be abandoned, but the prototype was welcomed with a big enthusiasm. And so, after a few more modifications, the weapon entered common use.
x Energun
Twin brother of the Disintegrator, this weapon launches powerful ion charges. What's interesting, when colliding with somewhat bigger objects, the rays shatter into several smaller ones. This small charges can divide even further, creating a domino effect of its own kind.