Alexland: Changelog

= v.1.3 - 01.04.2011
  1. Bugfix: hero's death does not stop screen shakings.
  2. Bugfix: fixed spreadout calculation for Inreased Damage Disintegrator.
  3. Bugfix: fixed calculating the numer of demons taking part in the game (for the Hell's Messengers achievement).
  4. Bugfix: key presses and releases in pause menu are now catched, to prevent hero's self-movement after returning to game.
  5. When returning to the game from the main menu, pause screen is displayed, instead of immediately reentering the play.
  6. In main menu, it is prossible to retun to game via ESC.
  7. Apart from F12, Alt+F4 can now be used to quit the game.
  8. The game can be minimised using F9.
  9. Changed the way of calculating rocket launcher's damage.
  10. Added a new weapon: the energun.
  11. Clicking on an unachieved medal in the achievements screen prints its requirements.
  12. Picking up the same weapon as currently wielded gives the player a small bonus.
  13. During pause menu, a circular player identifier is displayed.
  14. Changed difficulty level settings.
  15. Changed the game mechanics a little bit.
  16. Bullet calculation optimalisation.
  17. Thanks to Amadik, Izahel and Andree, added three full translations: Russian, French and German.

= v.1.2 - 01.07.2010
  1. Fixed a bug that made the demon not receive damage while escaping in order to regenerate.
  2. Fixed a bug that caused in-game changing arrows\WSAD not to work.
  3. There is now no flesh pierce sound if the player is hit by a skeleton rib while being Invulnerable.
  4. Added a new weapon: the fryer.
  5. Increased 4x the amount of points received for killing a demon.
  6. After the game the player is transferred directly to the main menu if (s)he did not make it to the high-scores.
  7. The high-scores have been extended with weapon information.
  8. Added a second demon magic hit animation - the animation played depends on the magic missile's power.
  9. Corpses are now stored in memory and redrawn on hue change.
  10. Changed Disintegrator's behaviour when having Increased Damage and decreased reload time.
  11. Being damaged by demon's stomp causes the screen to shake.
  12. Added an achievement system, containing 60 obtainable medals.
  13. Added an on-line hi-scores table.
  14. Slightly changed difficulty levels settings.
  15. Done some minor optimalisation.
  16. Fixed some other minor bugs.
  17. Thanks to code_glitch, darkbow and Amadik, added three partial (menu only) translations.

= v.1.1 - 11.03.2010
  1. Changed the color of some bonuses and enlarged the creation\reminder flash.
  2. Increased precision of hit calculation for the Flash bonus.
  3. New weapon added: the shrapnel launcher.
  4. The game can now be played in 640 x 480 resolution.
  5. The game can now be continued after quitting to the main menu.
  6. Changed the design of the main menu and the options screen.
  7. Added the possibility to adjust terrain chroma.
  8. Fixed a bug that caused a lack of volume change of reload sounds.
  9. The game now contains three different difficulty levels.
  10. Added a new range attack for the Demon; also inreased stomp range.
  11. Extended the name input character set with polish diacritic characters (and a few other).
  12. Damage inflicted by the Rock Giant is now dependent on its rolling speed.
  13. Added a small animation when hit by Demon's magic.
  14. The game resources have been made free to use.

= v.1.0 - 31.01.2010
First public release.