Alexland: Enemies

"Knowing your enemy is half the success" - as said my friend, when I didn't want to meet my mother-in-law-to-be.
x Troll
Lazy creatures living all over the world. The purpose of their existence is to upset other living beings - with their stupidity and the fact that although they consume hauls of food, their meat is uneatable even to a starving hyena.
x Slime
Strange creatures inhabiting the swamps. Although their looks suggests herbivory, they are, in fact, very dangerous predators. Uncountable amounts of young, overconfident warriors-to-be painfully experienced the power these beings release when attacking their victims. When fighting bigger groups of slimes extreme caution is needed, as these creatures do not attack from the front, but instead try to approach the victim from the side and make a surprise attack.
x Orc
Brutal mountain dwellers, the orcs usually live in groups conting from few to around twenty individuals, their main activities being butchering the wildlife and mugging. Most often their intelligence barely allows to link "axe" with "uneatable", but history remembers cases of Orcish Chiefs, able to gather hundreds of individuals under their banner and fight regular wars with kingdoms of intelligent races.
x Skeleton
Golem makers have always struggled with the problem of how costly and time-consuming bulding a golem is - as if giving conscience to an item wasn't difficult enough. One day one of them decided to look after an easier to affort material; bones laying in the dungeon seemed ideal to him. Although the nobleman he served did not appear delighted with the idea of rotting bones acting as a butler, the magician's idea quickly made its way around the world.
x Zombie
As the mentioned idea of reviving bones became popular, some people tried to transfer this art to some other once-alive things - especially human corpses in somewhat earlier stages of decomposition. The idea was half a success - although reviving a body requires less power than animating a skeleton and a quite fresh cadavre can even talk, the "fleshy" stink cruelly and have a tendency to lose limbs as decay still continues.
x Rock Giant
Rare creature living mainly in the forests. Rock Giants are gentle and take care of lesser beings, but put in a state of danger they become challenging enemies. They can wind up into a ball and roll ahead with astounding speed, smashing everything dumb enough to attack it. Rolling is also a way of protecting the orbit - the Rock Giant's only weak point; while rolling, the creature is much harder to bring down.
x Minotaur
Another relict from ancient time, minotaurs are nomadic creatures most often met on savannah. Although quite calm, they aren't as peace-loving as the Rock Giants - any trial of approaching them will end with a spectacular charge which quite probably will end with the bullman's horns greeting the intruder's face. Minotaurs are easy to upset, what can make them attack from a greater distance than normal.
x Steel golem
Magically created conscience bound to a powerful armor. One shouldn't expect much intelligence from them, but their speed and endurance brought many intruders to their doom - they were most often used by rich nobleman to protect their possesions. And, of course, by the golem makers, as bodyguards.
x Ghost
Genesis of this creatures is not settled - the most popular theory states they are magically imprisoned souls. Magical origin is quite probable if you take into account their ability to disperse into thin air to appear a while later somewhere else. Ghosts will wander in search of living beings, trying to steal their vitality; extreme caution is needed - a ghost will move the quicker, the closer it gets to its victim.
x Demon
Creature from an other realm. Strong and enduring, it uses powerful black magic. When wounded, will try to save itself by escaping back to its world. It appears very rarely - thus the laughably small amount of available information.