News: 2004

Nyu link

Today a new website about RM has came to life (well, actually, it's one more reincarnation of an older site). Link to this site, and also to one other, slightly older, lies in the proper section. I invite You to visit them. :D
Download works again

Browsing through the site's FTP I noticed the download folder has self-destructed. O_o   So, I uploaded the bastard one more time. New everythin' should work juss fine.
A little sarcasm never hurt anyone...

Long story put short: DB changed it's name to Sarkastika, and I added one screenshot from new Warzelnia.
A message from space...

Today, for a change, I ain't adding anything, but I'm informing:
-works on Shoot'n'Play, demo v.2.0 have been temporarily paused;
-works on Warzelnia, demo v.2.0 have been resumed; expected release date - January-February 2005;
-one more person joined the DB, and the band changed it's name;
Down Band expands...

A new "wild down" has joined the band! More details in DB section. There You will also find info about two new songs.
And one more thing - expected release dates for Shoot'n'Play, demo v.2.0 and DB's album have been delayed to February 2005.

I added SVG to a RPG Maker Sites toplist, thereby I ask nicely for you to click da bar. :D
Nothin' important XD

Today I added polls so You can rate the games, fixed a few texts in S'n'P section and added a link.
An ounce ment

The Down Band makes an announcement... More details in the DB section.
Fixes, fixes...

A few technical fixes, three new screenshots from Warzelnia (btw - I improved quality of all the screens and pictures in Warzelnia section). Oh, and a small announcement - in about a month on the site shall appear Shoot'n'Play, demo v.2.0.
RPG Maker in download

Today I added RPG Maker, the program needed to run games located in the download. Have fun with the games. :)
Forumz and download countas!

Today I added download counters and a forum. En-joy(stick).
We go!

Today the site has started, what makes me damn happy. This site is home to all my productions. You will find here info about all games, stories, books. As of this moment some sections may not work properly, but whatever... Have fun surfing.