News: 2007

Comin' up: Full Flex!

Blah. Let's don't fool ourselves, this year has been as for now the worst in SVG's history. Counting with this one - six newses from the beginning of the year, practically no novelties. "We tried to the best of our ability, but it turned out as always" - as once said Wiktor Czernomyrdin. Like in polish politics - from promised three milion new apartaments\games on SVG we didn't get to see even one. I don't want to make any new promises which later won't take any effect.
Anyway, well, today passes the third anniversary of SVG's creation, the most important day of the year from this site's point of view. It would be more than in good taste to prepare something because of this occasion - and so, please, to celebrate SVG's third birthday, it's SVKrezgi v.1.3, works on which have begun already in the holidays, or maybe even earlier. Of course, most of the time the code was lying and waiting till' I generously finish it, neverthless you finally get the new version in yar hands. What does it contain? I speeded up all the menus, made also some few smaller fixes, but on top of it all - bots! Now you won't be sittin' bored bein' home alone. Fact, the computer players are sometimes a bit dumb - but a bit of luck combined with literally pixel precision of movement can sometimes make your situation bad. I invite thee to the download and to provide me your opinions in the guestbook or at the forum, in which - I have no idea, if ya all know - you can write without any registration. Till' the next update.
PS.A nice surprise. From the time of the last update of data in the download, that is 01.06.2k7, there have been 716 file downloads - what is, well, 47% of all file downloads from site creation date till that day. These are mostly downloads of RPG Maker 2000. Interesting...?
Helloooooo Cyberdusk!

The situation with Warzelnia, demo v.2.0 test version delta irritated me a bit, so I began to look after paid hosting - and, as you can see, I've found it, and on such conditions that they convinced such a pennypincher like me. :) Happy surfing without the need to constantly close advertisements and going to a thousand uploaders to download anything.
Ah, right, looking through the old files on my drive I noticed my old project, which, strangely, wasn't uploaded here on SVG o_O - Project 'Terrorica' Shutdown. So - everyone, who did not play, I invite you to the download. (Well, ya, the game is fully in Polish, but well, just one e-mail and I can prepare translated version of the games.).
PS.Along with this new there was planned another one big surprise, but I didn't have nough time to finish it, so You'll have to wait two or three weeks. ;)
Pickelin' da cucumbah.

Well, I though that it would be good to upload something new here, so I decided that instead of continuing to picke it in the deepest layers of my disk, I'll give access to Warzelnia, demo v.2.0 test version delta. Well, yup, it is a test version, so not eveything can work perfectly nor be finished, and there can be some minor bugs - but it should be playable. Well... Have fun, kids? ∧__∧
PS.Put on zShare, on this server there is no space left. ;d
Have fun, kids! ∧__∧

Without all the unnecessary talk: X-COM Mod v.1.2. has been released. It isn't, unfortunately, the great mod the trailer of which I have made some time ago, but only a version compatible with Soldat v.1.4.0 - but it's always better than nothing.
By the way, I would want to once again thank all visitors - not long ago the SVG visit'o-meter crossed 4k visits.
A woman's butt.

Standard - just when I wanted to get to work, I had to get a ban. Simply gangsta.
Now, to say something interesting, I'll say only that when I'll get rid of the ban, you can expect that something abosulutely uncommon will appear on SVG. What? I won't tell, a surprise is a surprise... =)
BTW, I want to thank everyone who still visits this site, first for the simple fact that they are still doing it, second for that the visit'o-meter and download'o-meters have recently quite nicely went up.
Next promises

The holidays have passed, the semester has passed, the ban has passed. Unfortunately, today I'm scoring a next trip, so I can get to work only after the winter holidays. If you still have some remnants of patience - I promise the next time that the X-COM Mod v.1.2 will come out, and after finishing it I'm planning to work on something more.
PS.I'm looking for someone good in Delphi, so (s)he could help me in making (or rather make himself\herself) a loader for the mod.