News: 2015

'1' + '1' = '11'

Eleven years of the site's existence. Recently there weren't many games; instead, more utilities - but this shall change before the end of the year. Stay tuned.
20% cooler

Another update for fpman, v.1.2. A new option, --list was added, along with improvements in parsing const / var pages.
+10% gratis

New version of fpman, v.1.1, is available. Changes are mostly related to parsing and generating pages, but some effort has also been put to make the import process faster.
It is not dead which can half a year lie

Oh wow, almost half a year since the last update on the site. Well, having a job and studying doesn't really help in having lots of free time and working on hobby projects.
Anyway: if you're a person using Free Pascal under Linux, you might be interested in my new project, fpman - a program similar to the unix man, providing manages for functions and types available in Free Pascal. Available as precompiled binary or a source release (under zlib).