News: 2014

My old bones rattle

The site is now 10 years old. That went real quick. As a birthday gift, a new version of awful was released. The main change, however, is opening the project source and choosing the zlib license. Have fun.
Oh Tyler, deliver me from being perfect and complete

awful, version 0.5.4, this time fixing a quite serious bug regarding recursion. Also, several new functions have been added to the language.
I came, I saw, I fixed it

awful, version 0.5.3. Fixed a few bugs and introduced a few new functions.
Ooh, shiny!

After much fighting with the code and a lack of free time, it is finally my pleasure to present an integrated wiki. To browse, just use the link in the upper bar.
As for technical things, the site changed to UTF-8 encoding. Anyway, in case you come accross any errors, contact will be welcome.
May I have your signature?

Starting today, packages in the repo are GPG signed.
Blow the candle!

awful celebrates its first birthday today - exactly one year ago I wrote the first lines of code for this project. An anniversary should be celebrated somehow, so we're having a new release, v.0.5.2 (rev.38).
That's no joke!

awful version 0.5.1. Fixed bugs in hash functions and done some optimisation.
Fantastic four

Today a solid, quadruple upload:
awful v.0.5.0, with file handling
• Colorful v.1.2, using SDL_mixer instead of BASS
• platformer v.0.4f, with a few bugfixes
• MagnetyBot v.1.1, a game for FlappyJam
Also, Linux users may now also use the repository to download .rpms (right now I'm not planning .debs).
Why such hurry, sir?

Continuing the observable trend - another version of awful, 0.4.4 (r.35). Slight improvement in functionality, fix to a stupid bug and some optimisation. I also added download pages to each project's section.
:add &revision i1

Yet another version of awful, 0.4.3 (r.34). This time, mostly optimisations.
On occasion, I also changed the site's layout a bit.
Transformation eight!

Today I released awful v.0.4.2 (r.33). This revision adds a native UTF-8 string type.

I've slightly upped the numbers near awful - v.0.4.1 /rev. 32/ is now available for download.
Yuk, how awful!

I've added to the download the fruit of nine months of more or less regular work - my own script language, awful. If you're interested, take a look at the language's site section and feel free to experiment with the interpreter.