News: 2010

Mankind is a rope tied between beast and overman.

This time, for a change, info about a release not from my own backyard, but by another, friend creator. Today we could witness the release of Perfect World by Amadik. The game tells about a future world, where two powerful megacorporations and an underground church fight to complete their visions of a perfect world. Picturesque locations, great music, long hours of gaming and a powerful philosophically-ethical understanding of every decision the player makes in the plot.
Even though the game is in Polish - I still recommend you checking the button above.

The triple ten marks SVG's sixth anniversary. I want to sincerely thank all visitors - especially those, who shared their opinions about my work. This year, so far, has passed under the sign of Alexland, but don't worry for tommorow - some time ago I began doing this and that in my new projects (joining the university and having less free time boosted my motivation), so I hope something new will appear here before the end of the year. What more can I write? I wish you - and me - next six years and increasingly better and more interesting games to check out.
Last but not least - big thanks to miss Kitty for the special logos.
Oops, I dit it again

On the site appears new, most probably final, version of Alexland - 1.2. Among the novelties it's worth to mention the achievement system and an on-line high-scores leaderboard. For a good start of the summer holidays.
Life is but a walking shadow

Having a moment of free time between the exams I modified the screenshots displayer (now it is based on JavaScript) and removed - honestly, it was of no use - the forum.
Sentenced to school

Inborn sloth caused a small delay - nevertheless, Alexland v.1.1 finally appears. The next update will probably take place somewhere (somewhen?) in May or June; as for now, I bid farewell to life - time to learn for the matura exam.
const gamever='1.0'

I don't feel like writing, so straight to the thing: on the site appears Alexland - the effect of over two months of co-operation with ŻbiX, so far the biggest of all my projects. That's all I have to say - after all, if You want more info - there's a nice, new link in the menu. Have fun massacring.

Since today you can access SVG by By the way, I removed the polls from the site - they were no good after all, and I didn't even feel like taking care of 'em.