News: 2012

Days passing by, years passing by

An interesting thing, today the site turns 3000 days old. For this peculiar occasion, the download has been equipped with a post-compo version of Colorful and, slightly improved, Sour v.1.2.
You dare challenge me?

Howdy. A new entry appears in the download - Colorful, the result of my particiation in Ludum Dare 25. Don't expect too much, since it's a 48h compo - but I still hope you'll have fun.
Your tears are delicious

A new build of SMMP2 is available. This time Tux only.
And now for something completely different

In the "other" section appeared my pascal unit for OpenGL drawing under SDL. Maybe someone will find it useful.
I caked you a bake, but I eated it

Were are gonna party bold, cause today I'm eight years old. Yet another birthday of the website.
Stay connected

I added a new page to the site today - links. I will put there hyperlinks to various sites, either friends, or simply interesting. Also, buttons in the footer are now selected on random from the available links upon entering the site.
A fresh breeze

The site got a new, brighter, and (hopefully) more clear layout. Happy browsing.
Self-improvement is masturbation

New build of SMMP2 is now available. Being bored, I tapped F9 under windows and somehow the thing managed to compile; what's more, it can be run. So if anyone's curious enough, they can try the Windows version too.
Monstrous silence

Oh my, it's been a long time since the last update. Well, I am still haunted by unescapable sloth. Lately, however, I managed to overcome it a bit and get to work. A new layout for the site is under construction. I also plan to begin putting here, downloadable, production versions of current projects - maybe this will motivate me a bit, plus - should I get any feedback, all comments will be appreciated.
Actually, I think we can begin today. Hereby, I upload an in-development version of my new music player. As of the moment, unfortunately, only a Linux version, but I hope a Windows release will be available soon.