News: 2017

Your freedom, now in many languages

A new version of vrms-rpm is available. The main change is many new translations added.
Scary number

Thirteen years of the site's existence. I'd say something about unlucky numbers, but looking at how little content I've put here over the last few years, it can't really get much worse.
Blow the dust off a bit

My big, mythical project that I've been hyping here for some time, is a bit stuck. In the meantime, enjoy a slightly improved Colorful, version 1.3.

For those of you who might be using Fedora, good news: colorful and vrms-rpm are now available from the official Fedora repository. The first one you should know; the second is a tool for finding installed non-free packages. It is also available in the download, programs subsection.
So, uh, should we encrypt?

I finally got my lazy ass around to configure Let's Encrypt for the site. You can (you should!) now use HTTPS when browsing.