News: 2008

I have two years, two and a half...

I'm talking (obvious) about the never-failing fungiver for boring IT lessons, SVKrezgi - they have finally made it to version 1.4. There aren't many changes, but I dare to say they'll make you happy.
Bug killig crew

They say that there are no bugs in Blizzard's games. I am no Blizzard, thus, Puzelki v.0.8 appear.
How to get the quartered one back in one piece

Shortly: I added the product of a recent rush of inspiration: Puzelki v.0.7. Enjoy.
Ass in sneakers

SV Games's fourth anniversary. Anniversary's an anniversary, and on the site nothing new was added in the past year. As one can see, sloth is allpowerful.
Plastic surgery done successful.

Well... Everyone can see what happened. :D
Return of the banished one

SVG comes back to its paid hosting. Still, it's a shame that in mah mailbox there's no answer from the server support nor nothing...
Ein Scheißwurst!

As most likely a majority of habitual guests have noticed, the last few days after writing the proper adress into the browser, instead of SVG, a sad white site with some black text appeared. The thing is that some (curse words removed) web bot has kinda looped itself and in course of a few hours generated... waitaminit, where's that e-mail... 486.49% of SVG's accrued monthly transfer (bandwidth). Most likely I'll have to pay for this overuse - and I'll have to pay more than I paid for a whole year of server rental - nonetheless I'm trying to contact Cyberdusk, maybe I'll be able to work out some kind of a compromise. I'm trying, because since five days ago I didn't get an anwer to the e-mail I've sent, and the contact through a communicator is still offline. So, till the situation does not clear out, SVG is forced to return to it's old, free-space-less server - thus, a large part of the downlod will be offline. Tomorrow I'm leaving for a camp from which I'll return the next Saturday, so I hope that on tenth of February I'll be able to inform you about the progress of the situation.