News: 2011

A lil' polish

The download has been given a new look in order to make it easier to browse.
My old bones ache

My my, seven years of SV Games. Since the release of Alexland nothing really interesting happened here, so to break the monotony - we bring you a demo (or rather the current development version) of a new game, which I (again, along with ŻbiX) have been working on for some time. Have fun.
I ain't kiddin'

Alexland v.1.3. Available for Linux, too.
Unnecessary, but fancy

Our first meeting in the new year. Unfortunately, as one can see, nothing new has appeared since the last news - sloth, sloth, sloth. This time without novelties to download too. Having some free time I decided to see if can get to understand the voodoo of mod_rewrite - what reflected on the site's workings.