News: 2009

Two plus one

Sloth and school have their effects, but anyway: Puzelki, version 2.1. Have fun.
Jest cudnie

And so SV Games counts five years of existence. As one can see, after a long period of stagnation finally something began moving and, slowly, novelties began to appear. I hope it will stay like this. One more time I want to thank all the visitors. What else can I say? I just wish me and you five more years.

After a serie of trips of all kind I finally got to work. And so, on the site appear completely changed Puzelki v.2.0. I also added a language info to every downloadable on the site.
Déjà vu

The last twelve days I was on a sports camp, thus I missed the server problems SV Games had and their consequence - rollback to a version before the latest update. Now everything should be all right.
Cause she was a bad woman.

Slowly we're getting back to business. For a good start - Puzelki and SMMP in 1.2 versions.
A lesson of history

Having a small break from gamemaking of any kind I decided to finish transfering content to the new layout - and so on the site appear back-number news from years 2005 and 2004. Have fun reading.
By the way, a small ad - I recommend Apocalyptica's new album, "Worlds Collide". As every other Apocalyptica's album, it crushes one's face. "Stroke" is a masterpiece.
Practice makes perfect

Supa Masta Muzik Play 'er has been training hard the last few days, what allowed it to reach a new level of perfection and being masta - 1.1. I invite You to the download and the SMMP section.
I has feets

And so today came the end of the school year and the holidays began. Ergo, I hope in the coming two months I will finally show something new here. Meantime - I added a footer to the site. :D
Thank you for your cooperation

A small change - I abandoned free4web download counters in exchange for the ones I just wrote. I hope they will work just fine.
Something new is coming

Another change of layout, this time to a prettier, more legible and easier to edit one. And I was supposed to learn biology...
Command, we've got a survivor!

As you have most probably noticed, unless I have something new to show off with, I prefer to sit silent and not throw empty promises. Actually I'm writing just for You to know I haven't forsaken this website and creative work of all kind. Soon comes the end of the school year and then vacations, and along with them more free time that can be spent creating something. I hope this will allow me to finally show something brand new here.
Everything's great and all that stuff

In a nutshell, 'cause midnight is near: Supa Masta Muzik Play 'er - a console audio player appears on the site. Have fun.
I'm alive!

The few days ago good health broke up with me, but with some flowers I managed to convince it to come back to me. After that I decided I had to do what ought to be done a long time ago - and so, bugfixed Puzelki v.1.1 appeared.
It is done.

Puzelki, version 1.0. Enjoy.