News: 2006

Lord's Grace

Because of unusually good humour father gave me a 4h access, so I uploaded back the trailer.
Eternal damnation

I won't hide it, I didn't do almost anything in the last two months. When finally my desire to work has came back... The parents-teachers meeting came, and with it, a ban. Bleh... When I'll get the computer back, I'm getting to work quickly. The X-COM Mod v.1.2 has to be finished & released, no damn way.
PS.Ya, I know, the trailer download on MegaUpload has expired. I'll upload it when I'll get the computer back.
Mission aborted.

Because of low interest around the Sarkastika contest (two volunteers) it has been rescheduled to the time when there will be at least five contestents. So yes, it is prodable that it won't occur ever.
God bless Roman Giertych!

Althrough many may consider it impossible, today it happened... THE RESURRECTION OF SARKASTIKA!
After few months of more or less hard work this fourty-few minutes long album has been created. It tells about the problems of Polish politicial scene that had place about a year ago. Furthermore, because of this I announce a CONTEST! Yes, there will be prizes. ;p (Yep, sorry, but to join the contest, you must live in Poland...)
I won't write more, just go to the download and to the Sarkastika section. ;D

I slightly interspersed the arsenal view in the mod section, and also actualised the statistics in the download. By the way I also added SVG to a toplist. That's all.
Long live Emperor!

With this day SVG counts two years of existence. I want to thank everyone that visit this site, download the files and wait for new ones. If it weren't for You, I prodably would leave all this a long time ago.
Now, to the thing. As I wrote in previous news, actually I work on two things - and I haven't yet revealed any information, of what they are. Well... One of them will remain a surprise until the day of it's release, while the second one... It's new, much more complex version of the X-COM Mod. Because of the computer ban the work progress delayed, so, unfortunately, for the next time I have to reschedule the premieres dates. However, to recompensate it a little I give an another, smaller gift - a trailer of the mentioned above mod. The movie is on YouTube, so don't search for it in the download, but go into the new-opened site section about the mod. (The whole section is in Polish, but You will easily find the link to the movie at the end of section menu.) I hope You will like it, and that it will at least a little recompensate the longer and longer waiting for releases.
You won't guess...

For sure you won't damn guess, what I have to tell you this time. Hell yes, I got a a ban on the computer. Simply no comment...

Well, the school year started more spicy than I expected, so I have less time for making everything. In this month, I promised to give two gifts - for one of them you will surely have to wait until October, the second one should appear in the upcoming week of September - or, in the worst case, in the first week of October. Meantime... Playing Krezgi with my firends, I discovered a MEGABUG - and if we have a bug, it needs to be fixed right away. SVKrezgi v.1.2, of course, already in the download. By the way, I thought that if I have the download in English, then why I shouldn't have the news in English? From today the news (currently only the most recent ones) are available also in the other language - as you may see. xD
Returning to the topic... Please be forbearing and patient. New stuff will appear for sure, and this time I will keep the deadlines.

Actually, I would only like to thank all the people that visit this site. In previous month the visit'o-meter pierced 2,5k visits, and only in this month the site acquired almost 200 visits. I also thank everybody that they wait for the new files so patient. This time I don't throw the words on the wind and I promise - in September you will get a few MB's to download.
Meantime... Maybe someone would like a match in Soldat with the X-COM Mod? :D
Excuse me, do You speak English by any chance?

Wah, I promoted myself with the mod and Krezgi on few sites and people complain that they can't download anything, because they don't know Polish... So, specially for them I added the download in English version. I hope it will help.
And off-topic... Don't worry, the desire to work has came back to me. At least for now. I try to work on everything as much as I can. On what - I won't tell. :P Just expect that in September there will be few more MB's in SVG download. ;) And, on the ending - one new link.
Refill it yourself, lazy bitch.

Maah... again a big gap between the updates... Holidays, damn much free time, and I don't have the desire to work. I was supposed to make a surprise - doggy poo, because of my laziness it all will be after the holidays (because now I go on trips 3 x 2 weeks). Anyway... I add the improved X-COM Mod (v.1.1, as always) and a little yuppied Krezgi - of course, also v.1.1.
Post scriptum. This update would appear a bit earlier, but, oh well, the spite of dead things - as few of you prodably noticed, dhost fell the last days, and I had to go. Nevermind... As I said, I hope that I'll make it to add something during the holidays.
Bla, bla, bla...

Just in case that someone would want to download that shit I uploaded yesterday, I added the possibility to rate it in the survey. By the way I made\shaped up few things that I didn't noticed yesterday - it happens, when you make an update 'for speed'...

Almost a month passed since the last update, but nevermind... I wont write about how bad I feel, how much I'm tired, how much I tried, so I'll write it simply: my Soldat mod appears in the download. Have fun, I hope that during the holidays I will be able to uplod also a few more things.
A look into the past

Ass. I don't hany desire to work. The projects lie and they don't even have the desire to scream. Bleh...
Anyway, in the last days, when I was surfing the abandonware sites, I felt the desire to play Krezgi. I couldn't find this anywhere, so, as the old proverb says - if you can't get something, make it yourself. After few hours spent in TP i made SVKrezgi, by the way I also improved Snejk - eliminating that annoing gaphics blinking.
SVKrezgi and improved Snejk of course already in the download.

Better late than never... Due to the fact, that currently I don't have anything to give new screens from (I currently work on the city), I give information about spells. Warzelnia ť Hero, the links are on the spell names.
Back to work

Work on Warzelnia began again... If it'll go good, in this week I'll give you a few screens and informations about d.v.2.0. So - the next update will be maximally in two days.
Death and Rebirth

It's a bit empty here... Well, fact, the last days I don't work at all. I don't do anything, the site almost fell... However, I'll try to somehow recompensate this after yje holidays. There should be some new stuff, new screens, and... or, I won't tell. ;P It will be a tandet-sirprise. xD

One new screen form Warzelnia. Yeah, I also wonder how I managed to upload such a mega update on the server...