News: 2005

What the hack?

What the hack is this supposed to be? You expected that I'll give something special for christmas? Hack you. :P
K, now more seriously... Santa threw with cash and I recieved a quite good tablet (Aspirin?), so get your wallets ready, because prodably soon (that means, knowing me, after a half of a year) the SVG shop will run. There will be shirts, sweatshirts and some other alternatives for toilet paper. That's all.

The progress on Warzelnia is a bit slow due to the "school" reasons... Anyway, I upload on the site the efect of a few-hours-long fun in Turbo Pascal - Snejk. Yeah, I was bored on that I.T. course... xP
Simulations, simulations, nuthin' in tha real

I put the result of few hours of work in Delphi (and of a one week-long investigation, where the CD was) - Character Conversion Simulator - Warzelnia, demo v.2.X. As the name says, using this little shit You will be able what level and all the other stuff will your character from demo v.1.X will have after converting to d.v.2.X. It will also help you quickly choose the best selection of statistics. Ya, I know, I talk, talk, and do nothing... But Warzelnia, demo v.2.0 will be released for sure. I've been working on this shit too long and too many people are waiting for it for me to just give up now.
Linkzorz UNT commentzorz

I added a few adresses to the links sections, updated the data in the download and made topics on the forum, in which you can comment the screens from games. Write boldly, you don't have to register to post a comment.

It has been so long since the last update... I apologise to everyone for that, but it's caused by the fact that now I spend a lot of time working on the time and nothing else... Anyway, I put three new screens from Warzelnia and updated the project's statisctics. Maybe soon I'll put on something more.
And one more, and once again...

And one more screen, and once again from Warzelnia.

Next screenie from Warzelnia.
I got linked

I added one new link and actualized the "Statistics" section in Warzelnia. Besides, I want to thank You, the site will soon score 1500 visits. :D
Don't ya think that I'm lazyin'

Hey ya people. The work on Warzelnia is now going full speed. One is certain: it'll be out in this year. Having a little time and will I made the screens explorer for every game. And yeah, a one new screen from Warzelnia.
Yep, again a screen

I'm givin' You a new screen from Warzelnia. I also updated a few old ones (character creation, skills menu, in-game menu). If it comes to Warzelnia's release date, then unfortunately, but most likely You'll have to wait till the end of the year... It would be out sooner, but tomorrow I'm going on a $#∧#∧@∧@##∧ camp (unwillingly), and then to a $%&$&$&$ lake, so a month has been put up my ass - and as we all know, one works much faster in his free time...
Like usual, a screen

I removed one out-of-date screen from Warzelnia and uploaded a new one instead.
Lines are cheap!

Two new links - this time, to RM sites.
Once upon a time, there was a hero...

In Warzelnia section, I updated the "Hero" page and the statistic.
Me have anotha cable in da collentionz!

One new link. :)   I also updated uwo screens from Warzelnia.
Yep, another screenshot

Another screen from new Warzelnia. Soon I'll also update a few old ones.
More laundry, need more links

On links page You can find links to two kewl sites and a forum. Bai.

I can't recall if I said it... Estimated release date for Warzelnia's new demo is the first days of July. BTW, soon a new section will appear on the site - "Gommaldthar". (Gommaldthar is the world, where Warzelnia takes place.)
Ring'o flameeeees XD

I added a new screen from Warzelnia, which shows the effects of using a new spell - Ring of Fire.
Long time no see

As You know, I am currently working on Warzelnia, which is a hard job, especially due to all the features I want to put in it. Still, bide Your time, it will be worth it. Well, that's also the reason I "slighty" slack this site... I'd give You a few new screens, but I am now working on scripts, not maps, so I don't really have anything to show. For now I give You an updated scripts list and... statistics!!!!111elevenelevenoneoneone :D   I'll try to update it as often, as I can. Easy, people. Soon, when I'll finish playing with the scripts, I'll show off some new sceens. Estimated release date of demo v.2.0 is the end of June - the first day of July.
Another screenshots

This time two from new Warzelnia.
Nyu screen

Ho-kay, the ban has been lifren, we can return to work.:)   I removed one screen from Warzelnia and added two new. Soon there will be more.
Sad but true :(

Unfortunately, I got a ban on using the computer for 30 days. Thus, all this time the projects will be standing in place - ergo, their releases will be delayed. Well, I'm sorry. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do...
A story about Anathren

I added one screen from new Warzelnia and something off a different track: my old, unfinished campaign for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne.
Evolution of the carrot

Today I added a new version of MG:). In the new version, in time-play You can save your best scores, so You can later boast before your friends. XD   And well, that would be all the new features. :P
Mah dear parishionarz!

As probably many of you have noticed, for a long time RM2k has not been available. Well, I simply run out of server space. Today I changed this. RM2k3 has been kicked out of the server and 2k enters its place. You can download 2k3 from Gildia RPG Makera's server, a hotlink is available in the download.
My name is Wojtuś, I'm 12 and I'm looking for friends

Sarkastika faggots have been influenced by New Year's happy aura and so they released a new song - "Wojtuś". Have fun. XD